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The RIB® Latching Relay is finally here!

Only RIB® offers you what you need in one convenient package 

Russiaville, IN– Functional Devices is pleased to announce our new latching relay series, prepackaged in an easy-to-use, convenient form! These relays are activated by pulse commands from a controller or momentary switch closure.

This series of relays comes prepackaged in their own NEMA I plastic enclosure with a ½ inch mounting nipple, LED indicator and pre-wired for a money-saving installation that is easy and quick.

The relay contacts are mechanically latched in the closed position and the load will remain on in the event of a control panel failure providing light where needed during the failure period. If power is completely lost the contacts will remain in their last state and the load will activate upon the return of normal power or emergency power.

 Product Features:

-Available with status LED and auxiliary output for status control

-True override switch

-UL listed

-Energy efficient [No coil draw when relay is active]

-Meets “Buy American” qualifications

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If you’re looking to save time and money on your next job with the convenience of our prepackaged relay contact Functional Devices today to place an order or to find a distributor near you.

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New! Load control through your Ethernet network!

Functional Devices has released an exciting NEW Ethernet RIB® relay to join the rest of the quality, American-made RIB® line of products. The hot new item, the RIBTW2401B-ET, will provide the ability to switch and receive status of various loads up to 20 amp through an Ethernet network.

This technology allows you to access the RIB® via laptop or smartphone with its own browser, or can be controlled by a DDC controller. As are all RIB® products, the RIBTW2401B-ET is designed and manufactured right here in the United States.

Load Control through Ethernet Network



Features of the new product include:

  • XML and HTTP GET commands; allows you to interface with DDC controller
  • One discrete 20 amp output + override
  • One digital input
  • Serves its own webpage for setup and control
  • Static IP addressable
  • Unique MAC address built in
  • UL Listed
  • As always, built and manufactured in the United States
So what are you waiting for? Get yours today! Just visit www.FunctionalDevices.com or call our friendly sales staff at 800.888.5538 to order or find a distributor near you today!

Add an extra 12 I/O with one point on your network!

Functional Devices introduces newest member of the BACnet family: RIBMNWD12-BCDI

 Add an extra 12 I/O with one point on your network!

 Russiaville, IN- Functional Devices is excited to offer its newest member of the BACnet® family of products. The RIBMNWD12-BCDI has just been released and orders are now being accepted. This new item is a must have if you’re looking for the convenience of simple status on your network without adding an additional controller to expand I/O.


Here are a few more details:

         -MSTP network device

-24 Vac/dc input

-No need to add an extra controller for simple status on the network

-Provides 12 isolated digital or dry contact inputs for feedback onto the    network.

-Full wave rectified


Coming Soon!


-Same as above plus 2 of the 12 inputs can be used as accumulator inputs for power monitoring applications.

For more information or to place an order, please logon to www.FunctionalDevices.com or call our friendly, expert sales staff today at 800.888.5538.

Fear of heights? Stay grounded with NEW UL924 remote wireless test fob

Hate heights? No problem.

Functional Devices presents the NEW UL924 Emergency Bypass/Shunt Relay

UL924 Emergency Bypass/Shunt Relay

  • Convenient remote testing features [NEC Article 700.3]
  • Small design fits in ballast channel of fluorescent fixtures
  • Use with existing light fixtures–no need for dedicated emergency light!
  • LEDs for initial wiring verification

Check out http://www.functionaldevices.com/lighting-controls or click here

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Making the job easier. Introducing the snap-on relay!

It’s Everything You Need!
The RIB® relay you know and love, now with multiple-mounting options!
Functional Devices is proud to introduce a little convenience into your life.
This RIB® can be easily mounted with a current sensor on a snap track or without a current sensor on DIN rail.
Snap-on RIB® Relay
RIB Relay with multiple mounting options

Snap-on mounted relay

  • 12 or 24 Vac/dc coil input
  • Removable terminals
  • Offers easy and convenient mounting options for current sensors; RIBXG and RIBXK series. Just snap into place

For more information, visit: www.functionaldevices.com

Questions? Call 800.888.5538 and our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be glad to help you.

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