New! Load control through your Ethernet network!

Functional Devices has released an exciting NEW Ethernet RIB® relay to join the rest of the quality, American-made RIB® line of products. The hot new item, the RIBTW2401B-ET, will provide the ability to switch and receive status of various loads up to 20 amp through an Ethernet network.

This technology allows you to access the RIB® via laptop or smartphone with its own browser, or can be controlled by a DDC controller. As are all RIB® products, the RIBTW2401B-ET is designed and manufactured right here in the United States.

Load Control through Ethernet Network



Features of the new product include:

  • XML and HTTP GET commands; allows you to interface with DDC controller
  • One discrete 20 amp output + override
  • One digital input
  • Serves its own webpage for setup and control
  • Static IP addressable
  • Unique MAC address built in
  • UL Listed
  • As always, built and manufactured in the United States
So what are you waiting for? Get yours today! Just visit or call our friendly sales staff at 800.888.5538 to order or find a distributor near you today!

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