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The RIB® Latching Relay is finally here!

Only RIB® offers you what you need in one convenient package 

Russiaville, IN– Functional Devices is pleased to announce our new latching relay series, prepackaged in an easy-to-use, convenient form! These relays are activated by pulse commands from a controller or momentary switch closure.

This series of relays comes prepackaged in their own NEMA I plastic enclosure with a ½ inch mounting nipple, LED indicator and pre-wired for a money-saving installation that is easy and quick.

The relay contacts are mechanically latched in the closed position and the load will remain on in the event of a control panel failure providing light where needed during the failure period. If power is completely lost the contacts will remain in their last state and the load will activate upon the return of normal power or emergency power.

 Product Features:

-Available with status LED and auxiliary output for status control

-True override switch

-UL listed

-Energy efficient [No coil draw when relay is active]

-Meets “Buy American” qualifications

 Be sure to bookmark our website or follow us on Twitter @RIB for product updates!

If you’re looking to save time and money on your next job with the convenience of our prepackaged relay contact Functional Devices today to place an order or to find a distributor near you.

 Call us today 800.888.5538 or visit www.FunctionalDevices.com

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